Point Localization: In the middle of the wrist crease between the tendons of palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis.

TCM Actions: Soothes and opens the orifices of Mind. Clears Heat. Harmonizes the stomach.

Indications: Insomnia. Manic behavior. Palpitation. Agitation. Mental restlessness. Sadness. Fear. Fever. Red eyes. Thirst. Eczema of the hands. Carbuncle. Furuncle. Epigastric pain. Vomiting. Relationship problems.

Target area: Stomach.

Point Name and Meaning: Daling – Great Hill

Acupuncture Meridian: Pericardium

Categories: Yuan (source). Shu (stream). Earth. Sedation. Ghost Point of Sun Si Miao.

Unitary Channel: Jue Yin (Terminal Yin) [LV + PC]




*Acupuncture points may be used safely for acupressure, but should be used with needles only by acupuncturists or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) professionals.