Point Localization: At the lateral end of the transverse cubital crease midway between LU5 and the lateral epicondyle of the humerus.

TCM Actions: Clears Heat. Cools the blood. Remove the obstructions. Removes Heat from the channel.

Indications: Internal heat. Fire liver. Heat in the Blood (Xue). Fever. Thirst. Toothache. Redness. Vomiting. Diarrhea. Erysipelas. Urticaria. Dry skin. Scaly skin. Itching. Herpes. Hemiplegia. Arm pain.

Target area: Teeth. Arms.

Point Name and Meaning: Quchi – Crooked Pond

Acupuncture Meridian: Large Intestine

Categories: He (sea). Earth. Tonification. Ghost Point of Sun Si Miao.

Unitary Channel: Yang Ming (Bright Yang) [LI + ST]




*Acupuncture points may be used safely for acupressure, but should be used with needles only by acupuncturists or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) professionals.