Treating Ehler Danlos syndrome


Middle aged lady, peri- menopause, hyperflexible with chronic mucle and joint pains, spasms, low back pains. Mood is good, Uneven pulses, barely on the right ( she’s right handedness) and tachycardia, bow pulse left Guan. Tongue dark pink, central fissure and clearing. Tends to drink Luke warm warm, no red meat, 3-4 alcoholic bev a week. Menses with tissue or clots, headaches.
I’m fairly new to TCM practice w/o a local mentor. Your thoughts on syndrome, acupuncture treatment and diet change to help me and validate my course. Thank you.

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Asked on August 11, 2018 17:21
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Joint pain is usually seen as Chi blockage on the channels or Bi Syndrome. This is usually caused by Cold.

Weaker right pulse, dark pink tongue, lower back pain and tendency to drink warmer fluids also points to Yang deficiency/Cold.

For Cold, moxa is your best friend. Moxa on the joints and lower back. Also find out which meridians goes through the most painful areas (even if it means all 12 meridians) and needle the Xi (accumulation) points and moxa the Jing (well) points of those channels to promote the Chi flow. King (River) points also strengthens the flow of Chi in the meridians.

Cold is a very common problem for vegetarians/vegans if not done properly, specially with this kind of syndrome. Anyway, I don’t know her diet, I’d need to talk to her about it to better tweak it but here are a few thoughts from the top of my mind:

  • Soy is her (anybody) worst enemy. It is a cold food who tends to promote hormone imbalance;
  • Ginger tea is a very good friend. It promotes the flow of Chi in the joints;
  • If she lives in a moderate/warm area she needs at least one warm meal a day, if she lives in a cold area… well, the more warm meals the better;
  • Turmeric (curcuma) with black pepper in at least one meal everyday will do wonders to her;
  • Gluten… well, it doesn’t do any good to anyone but it’s specially bad for cases liker her’s. It promotes inflammation and it’s the one thing that rheumatic patients must avoid at all cost;
  • Also I’d check if she doesn’t have hypothyroidism symptoms. If that’s the case, she needs Iodine in her diet;
  • Exercises. Any low weight/impact exercise like swimming;
  • And SUN LIGHT! Vitamin D is essential for that kind of disease, and there’s no better than the one made by ourselves.

I hope it helps.

And since this website has just launched, it would help you get more answers if you share it on social network acupuncture groups :D

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Answered on August 13, 2018 21:44