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Hi All,
I am practicing acupuncture for infertility treatments. I am seeing a scenario where LH and FSH hormones are normal but Estradiol [ E2 – 180 pg/ml] levels go very high at day 2 blood testing. So, I want to know the procedure to treat this scenario and make the IVF procedure as success one.
Patient Age : 35
Gender : Female.
Need to the know following
1. Acupuncture points during follicular phase
2. Acupuncture points during ovulation phase

The current acupuncture points that I am using treat this scenario for both follicular and ovulation phases are
1. DU 20, CV4, CV6, CV2, SP6, ST36, KD3 and LV3

Please provide your suggestion to improve the egg quality and method to trigger more number of follicles.

Thanks & Ragards,

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Asked on June 28, 2018 03:19

Is she taking any drug/hormone? Was she taking any recently?

( at June 30, 2018 16:59)

Have you tried moxa at CV4?

(TCM Points at July 3, 2018 16:57)