Point Localization: In depression midway between the tip of the medial malleolus and the attachment of the achilles tendon.

TCM Actions: Tonifies Kidney Yin and Yang. Calms the Mind. Benefits the Essence. Strengthens the lower back and knees. Regulates the uterus.

Indications: Pain in the low back and knees. Dizziness. Tinnitus. Weakness. Cold and weak knees. Dry throat. Night sweating. Hot palms. Cough. Wheezing. Breathlessness. Insomnia. Excessive dreaming. Poor memory. Seminal emissions. Impotence. Premature ejaculation. Irregular menstruation. Diabetes.

Target area: Uterus. Thorax.

Point Name and Meaning: Taixi – Greater Stream

Acupuncture Meridian: Kidney

Categories: Shu (stream). Yuan (source). Earth.

Unitary Channel: Shao Yin (Lesser Yin) [HE + KI]




*Acupuncture points may be used safely for acupressure, but should be used with needles only by acupuncturists or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) professionals.