Point Localization: 1.5 cun above the apex of the ear.

TCM Actions: Subdues Liver Yang in the head. Extinguishes Interior Wind. Harmonizes the Stomach. Subdues the rebellion of the Stomach Qi caused by Liver or Gallbladder.

Indications: Headache caused by the rise of the Liver Yang. Dizziness. Blurred vision. Heaviness in the head. Vomiting. Damage caused by alcohol.

Target area: Head.

Point Name and Meaning: Shuaigu – Valley Lead

Acupuncture Meridian: Gallbladder

Categories: None.

Unitary Channel: Shao Yang (Lesser Yang) [TB + GB]




*Acupuncture points may be used safely for acupressure, but should be used with needles only by acupuncturists or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) professionals.