Point Localization: 1.5 cun lateral to GV line, level with T2.

TCM Actions: Expels external wind. Regulates Ying Qi and Wei Qi. Consolidates space between the skin and muscles. Promotes dispersion and descent of Lung Qi. Strengthens the back. Benefits the nose.

Indications: Aversion to cold. Fever. Headache and neck stiffness due to wind. Low immunity. Cough. Coughing up blood. Breathlessness. Sneeze. Allergic rhinitis. Low back pain. Urticaria. Carbuncle on the back. Clear secretion congestion and nosebleeds.

Target area: Nose.

Point Name and Meaning: Fengmen – Wind Door

Acupuncture Meridian: Bladder

Categories: None.

Unitary Channel: Tai Yang (Greater Yang) [SI + BL]




*Acupuncture points may be used safely for acupressure, but should be used with needles only by acupuncturists or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) professionals.